There exist unique places in the world. Places with a soul, places that talk by themselves. These places are normally hidden, transforming the soul for the visitor that lives in them. These places talk.

I always thought that Mallaui was one of these places. Although Mallaui has always been talking to me, I never discovered how. Long ago, I thought that it talked to me through its magnificent (but harmonious) architecture, with its symmetry at the entrance, or the beautiful tiles on the floor. But this was not the case. Then I though that Mallaui talked to me through its forest, ending in incredible beaches of crystal waters -systematically present in touristic guidebooks-. Again, I was wrong. I later even thought that Mallaui talked to me through the moonlight during the nights of full moon at summer. I had to conclude, unfortunately, that I was wrong again. Now, after many, many years, I finally understood it. Mallaui talks to me through its silence. Not an empty silence, but a silence saturated of light, of blue sky and calm wind. A silence full of music. A silence that talks.

During several generations, Mallaui has been hidden like one of those gems that stay untouched. Not so long ago, the magic of this place became available to the visitor. By leaving Mallaui untouched, simply as it is, we kept its soul intact. You will not notice immediately. Please, take your time. It takes a while for the visitor to understand what this place is, what the place means, and, most of all, how can this place transform the soul of the person living there.

Welcome to Mallaui. Welcome to the magic.